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ENGLAND divided further in to 7 main geographical regions as:



North West
Northern Yorkshire
East Midlands
West Midlands - being the Heart of England
South East including independent urban zone of London and Greater London
South West

There is always a lot to see and nearly every regional city has something to offer from tradition, culture, lifestyle or history but the most famous England Historical icons are:
Houses of Parliament and London Bridges, The Royal Courts of Justice, Tower House, the BBC iconic 1950's grand architecture, Crystal Palace, Hampton Court, The Turkish Baths in Bath city, Stonehenge, The Oxford and Cambridge University, the seaside resorts as Brighton Pavilion and Pier, Dover Castle, Blackpool Tower and Illuminations known as the English Riviera and St, Paul's, Westminster, Liverpool, Salisbury or Winchester Cathedral are treasure houses of British historical heritage.

Apart of history there are many typical English cultural traditions that have to be tried, visited and tested once in England as:

in food - Full English Breakfast including eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and toast; The Sunday Roast; Afternoon tea, cream tea; Christmas pudding or the Yorkshire Pudding;

in culture and lifestyle - Rupert the Bear of London, Pooh Bear stories of Ashdown Country Park or join in seasonal contemporary music festivals around the country including the Nothing Hill Gate famous Caribbean extravaganza hold in August every year in London

or the traditional 'country village life' evolved around the Village Green and luxurious picturesque Country Manors and Stately homes once occupied by Famous and well known Brits.

The Landscape is green and varied surrounding towns, cities, villages and camping sites well prepared and equipped for it's visitors all year round. Amazing modern as well as reinstated old historical architecture and open houses are accessible to general public so just choose where and when suits you best during your stay in England.

Car boot sales and antiques markets are hold nearly every weekend during the summer seasons and many outdoor adventure Theme Parks or folklore regional performances are organized around as well, so don't miss these as they can be fun for the whole family.

For the best and up to date free information on cultural and social events around UK visit Britain and find out more about Britain's myths and legends.


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