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JANTAR (in Polish only website) is a small village, which lies in the region of Pomerania, in a province (voivodship – gmina - STEGNA - along Baltic sea, very well known to most of Polish people but still not commercial enough to make one feel claustrophobic.

Historically this village had been known to exist since XII century, as a fishing village and main supplier of the natural and precious stones of AMBER– Bursztyn in Polish.

The 1st World Championship (in Polish only website), in Amber Gathering, 'The Heritage of The Amber Coast’, Internationally was introduced in 1999, and itis an International Open to all Fishing Competitors with a twist - instead of fishing for fish you fish for amber - and he or she who gets the most WINS! It could not be simpler!!

Traveling to the region of Pomerania, North of Poland is not difficult, if you are already in Northern Europe, head on in the direction of Gdansk, and Jantar is just 30 min away by car and about an hour by coach or by local bus from Gdansk.


If you traveling by plane, you probably arrive at Gdansk airport from where taxi's and buses are available to take you further.

There is a car rentals terminal at the airport which gives enough information to guide you where ever you want to go in Pomeranian region.

If you are traveling by car take the picturesque route by road and the ferry in direction to MIKOSZKOWO, which is much quicker, scenic with ferries operating every 15 minutes during summer season.

Finding accommodation in this region is not difficult as many Poles rent rooms, on bed and breakfast bases with daily rates per person and also land space to put your caravan or tent.

When passing through villages you can see many signs - similar words as the one in this picture right - Pokoje - which means, there are rooms for rent and if you see large open land or gardens around houses, do ask if is possible to rent for caravan or tent.


This place had been and still is quiet, full of natural freedom and also has the longest known in Europe, stretches of sandy beaches and pine forest – which is the main source and natural production of iodine. Iodine is the ideal element for people suffering from thyroid (gland problems) and helps naturally asthma sufferers with respiration problems just by walking in this area.

Surroundings are wild, picturesque and full of natural river canals referred to as 'paradise' by people with special water sports or fishing interests. The huge, natural green environment allows freedom in walking, running, cycling or horse ridding.

During the summer season you can ride the 'ciu-ciu' open top, one rail train to see local villages in Stegna regions. The train runs 4 times a day from Delta Vistula (Vistula - Wisla - one of the longest rivers in Poland) - when the river Vistula joins the Baltic sea going through village like MIKOSZKOWO with stops in JANTAR, STEGNA and finishes in SZTUTOWO.

There are other local attraction when you want to have a break from the seaside visit the local ostrich farm, which sells many natural herbal teas, honey and ostrich eggs or have wonder around inhaling fresh air and admiring the unspoiled country sides on foot or by bike. See other pictures and location of Jantar from my trip


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