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SCOTLAND in Northern part of the British Empire is furthermore divided into 7 regions as:


South West with the Solway Coast considered as "Scotland's Riviera"
Central Belt - most urbanized region
Highlands with the Great Glen, Loch Ness and John o'Groats
North East known for oil, whisky and the Grampian mountains
Orkney Islands
Shetland Islands

With some over 790 small islands, ideal setting for island hopping and to see wildlife as the coastline is perfect location and nesting grounds for a variety of seabirds where The Golden Eagle is something of a national icon.

Scottish landscape is varied and mountainous but inviting for a adventurous walking break in the Highland hills with the highest point Ben Nevis perfect for hiking, rock, ice climbing, scrambling or cycling through the Moors and Glens, or fresh water fishing in many of the Scottish rivers or Lochs and the most famous freshwater Loch Ness - with lochness monster exhibition about the Nessie legend.

The Central Belt includes largest newly regenerated city on the River Clyde is Glasgow and the historic capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh with it's castle and Tattoo festival in the summer. Other typical Scottish symbols are: the famous: fabric Tartan used in Scottish attire often signifying a particular Scottish clan worn by Scottish dancers and Bagpipe bands; unique blends of distilled Whisky - at first distilled by monks in 1496; Flying Scotsman; and important landmarks as the St Giles and St Magnus Cathedral, the oldest St Andrews University, the Royal Balmoral Castle; and in travel the Loganair Twin Otter at Barra Airport, the world's only airport using a beach runway or Cantilever bridge which crosses the Firth of Forth via the Forth Bridge build in 1890 and the most famous Roman remains Hadrian's Wall

in food: Scottish dishes are well-known for their weird names, like Forfar Bridie (a meat pastry), in seafood especially wild, smoked salmon, Cock-a-leekie (soup), Cullen Skink a fish soup, Collops (escalope), Crappit heid (fish dish), Scotch eggs, Haggis - Scotland's national dish, Scotch Beef best-known as Aberdeen Angus and Shortbread is Scotland's most famous biscuit.

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Did you know!
The first written account of the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, was made by the Viking Adamnan in 565AD ... more

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