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United Kingdom also known as Britain, Great Britain or overall British Isles with many traditions, myth's, legends and historical heritage sites which differ slightly in each independent administrative regions


'Countries within a country' as:

England the largest Urban Zone with capital city of London were people speak English Language with varied accent depending on location

Scotland with its capital Edinburgh, were Scottish people commonly use English or Gaelic language in some regions

Wales with its capital Cardiff where mostly English language is used but in some area the traditional Gymru - Welsh: Cymraeg is still practiced

Northern Ireland with its capital Belfast and strong Irish accents, and the Channel Islands - together forming the British Empire.

Being part of European Union and only divided by the Channel (la Manche French) from Europe it is an easy and fast crossing by Ferries or the modern Euro Channel Tunnel if either one chosen to drive by car or the high-speed Eurostar passenger only trains connecting Paris, Brussels and London, ideal for day trips and weekends.

The UK has a well developed and organized travel networks run by the Department for Transport including Highways and Motorways, Rail transport and coach services connecting the British Empire countries where everyone can find something to cherish from history to contemporary art and cultural lifestyle to reinstated traditions and amazing landscapes through various regions with many indoors and outdoors activities.

In the British Empire, most visited tourist attraction is the Monarchy, Royal Palaces and Castles located around the country but saying that there are also other grand historical architectural gems, cultural icons and traditions that should be explored.

The modern lifestyle encouraged many historical and heritage sites in cities, towns, villages and countryside Manor Houses to open its doors to public for sightseeing, arts and crafts participation, leisure and spa activity which one never gets bored to explore, usually set either in Central location or in beautiful gardens, surrounded by wildlife managed by British Heritage or National Trust.

Did you know!
Ascot Racecourse was founded by Queen Anne in 1711

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